Obsessive-Compulsive Solutions of Chicago (OCS Chicago) provides psychological services to children (aged 9 years and up), adolescents, and adults in the Chicagoland area, specifically specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for obsessive-compulsive spectrum conditions and fear, worry, and anxiety. OCS  Chicago specializes in many CBT techniques, including Exposure Therapy, Habit Reversal Training, Cognitive Therapy, and more.

Services at OCS Chicago are provided by Dr. Gregory S. Chasson, a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist, university professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, and active researcher. Learn more about Dr. Chasson on the About page.


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**OCS Chicago is a private practice for Dr. Gregory S. Chasson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Although Dr. Chasson is faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), OCS Chicago is not affiliated with IIT. Therefore, opinions expressed and services rendered by OCS Chicago are not endorsed by IIT or any of its academic or administrative units.**